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Amiga & AROS Another important bounty quota has been reached in the Power2People website, and this time the result comes from a common effort of the whole Amiga/Morphos/AROS Community. The result of this bounty being reached is that the Poseidon USB stack will be ported to AROS, and released as open source under the AROS Public License.
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by the way...
by Javier O. Augusto on Mon 25th May 2009 14:29 UTC
Javier O. Augusto
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hey peep
Gotta a question.. I would like to be an amigian back as i was in the days..
I was looking for getting an amiga 1200 + a cf adapter for playing GOOD games (no xbox360 nor ps3 for me thanks), I read some of you are running os 4.x, I wonder on top of which hardware are you running it, is it through emulation?
thanks in advance!

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RE: by the way...
by novaburst on Tue 26th May 2009 14:46 in reply to "by the way..."
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I would post your question on a forum like at

You will get the information you want there.

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