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Macs are popular with Microsoft employees
by byundt on Tue 26th May 2009 03:36 UTC
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I visited the Microsoft campus earlier this year and was quite surprised by the number of Apple computers I saw. Even though I am sure they all ran Windows, the build quality and appearance of the Apple laptops apparently made them a popular choice for Microsoft employees. The MacBook Pro was the one I noticed the most.

I sm now on my third laptop. I take it back and forth to work, and put a lot of hours on it. The first two were Windows boxes bought at a mass retailer. I wore the letters off the key caps in about a year, and literally wore a hole through the one of the keys just before it died about six months after the warrantee ended. The third one is a MacBook Pro. Yes, it was more expensive--but the difference in build quality is obvious. I'm expecting it to last much longer, and I'll enjoy every day I use it.

To illustrate the enjoyment part, the features on the MacBook Pro don't get in my way like they often did on the Windows boxes. I hated the way the trackpad worked on the first two laptops (moving the cursor when I wasn't expecting it)--and therefore turned it off and used a mouse instead. In contrast, I have yet to connect a mouse to my MacBook Pro--the trackpad is that good. The screen quality is also much better--brighter, no reflections from overhead lights, and more pixels than on the Windows boxes. The MacBook Pro keyboard stays clean and doesn't accumulate crumbs like my old computers.

While there may be Windows boxes with comparable build quality, none of them are for sale at the computer stores and mass retailers in my medium size city. My decision was therefore quite simple--since I hated the short life and low quality user interface of the first two Windows boxes, the rational decision was to buy a Mac.

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