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Windows The geek world might be all over Windows 7, and the rest of the world might be sticking to Windows XP for now, but there is also this Windows Vista operating system lingering around. Microsoft has just released the final version of the second service pack for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
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If I had posted a comment in response to a new version of a Linux distro being released and called it a failure for not supporting all my hardware, I'd get at least 900 replies that it is the hardware vendor's fault for not providing up to date drivers.

I did mention that besides lacking the drivers it seems to actually work quite peachy and I was rather impressed. I didn't call Win7 a failure except for my personal case. And I didn't blame Microsoft for lacking the drivers either. It IS Creative's fault for not updating their drivers, and I don't even know the real manufacturer for those SoundMax chips, but they sure as heck are even worse.

Anyway, I still didn't take time to reboot out of WinXP, but I got yesterday a few priv messages from kurgan2001, and the last one seems interesting: . So, if you have similar issues as me then you could try that and hopefully it'd work then.

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