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OSNews, Generic OSes Over the years, we've occasionally run an "Ask OSNews" feature, wherein a reader asks us a question and we answer it publicly. Lately I've really been enjoying Slate's Dear Prudence advice column and the ever-interesting Straight Dope, and I thought we should see if we can get more OSNews readers to submit questions, and turn Ask OSNews into a more-regular thing. If your question falls outside of our domain expertise, we'll try to track down an expert to help out. And of course, our responses will always be supplemented by further advice from OSNews readers in the comments. Questions are welcome on any topic ranging from OSes and computing to science and geek culture. Contact us with your questions. (Please include "Ask OSNews" in the subject). Today's question is from a young student in Hungary who's seduced by the faraway siren song of Apple's marketing and wonders, "should I switch?"
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RE: A political consideration
by krreagan on Wed 27th May 2009 17:32 UTC in reply to "A political consideration"
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I used Macs until Apple forced iPhone users to use the AT&T network - AT&T was sued by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for supplying the fascist U.S. National Security Agency with all their user data for the purposes of spying on U.S. citizens - without even the assurance that it was legal to do so, which it was not.

(And, by the way, the Obama administration is no better.)

It turns out that KDE on almost any Linux or *BSD is better than OS X - there are no "blocked" preferences or contradictions to or hobbling of the underlying Un*x foundation, or a ridiculous GUI that can't be changed.

I consider Windows too insecure, but if you're familiar with it you can probably lock it down, so I would advise 1) stick with Windows or 2) go KDE/Linux/*BSD.

Someone needs to get out in the sun a little more.

If you don't want to give AT&T your business then don't! I won't either. No one if FORCING you to do anything!

Linux is just as constrained (perhaps even more) as OSX with the GPL ball and chain around it's neck. BSD, Now there's a license I can live with... oh ya, I do because I use OSX at home ;)
Infinite customization does not make a GUI better, just more of a cluster-frack! The latest KDE (4.x) is unusable! I used KDE 3.X for years at work with little issues, very productive! Then when 4.0 was put into PC-BSD I dropped them both and went back to windows so I could get some work done. What a complete mess!

The open source community is almost totally clueless on how to make an interactive application that people can work with and be productive. When they do get something usable, someone else comes along and makes it "better" and totally fracks it up!

What ever happened to "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

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