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Apple Apple has quietly updated its cheapest notebook offering, the white MacBook at EUR 999. "The bump measures in at just 0.13GHz on the processor, 133MHz more oomph from the DDR2 SDRAM, and an extra 40GB of disk space." A modest speed bump, but welcome nonetheless, especially as the price remains steady.
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The white Macbook now has a faster processor than the cheapest (but still higher-priced) Aluminum Macbook. This state of affairs can't last.

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due to the use of DDR3 in the Aluminum Macbook's the low end backbook has a decent preformance advantage over this recently updated whitebook.

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Still, I really would be surprised if they don't bump the aluminums up to at least make 2.16GHz at the low end. (I'm a gambling man, so I'd say 2.33 or 2.4 to soon become the new aluminum minimum).

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