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GNU, GPL, Open Source InfoWorld reports on the fight over open source 'leeches' -- companies that use open source technology but don't give back to the open source community. While some view such organizations as a tragedy of the commons, others view the notion of 'freeloaders' as a relic of open source's Wild West era, when coding was a higher calling and free software a religion.
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The users owe absolutely nothing.
by massysett on Tue 2nd Jun 2009 03:48 UTC
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The licenses state that the users may use and copy the Software, free of charge.

The users owe the "community" absolutely nothing. End of story.

Whiners who do not like this need to devise new licenses, or schemes to charge for services, or they can just develop proprietary software. But it is pointless for them to whine about users who are using software exactly in accordance with the license that the developers granted to the users.

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