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Opera Software Opera have announced the general availability of Opera 10 beta. Opera 10 includes an improved rendering engine Presto v2.2. The beta adds a new default skin and a couple of new features, notably "Turbo", a proxy compressor for dial-up users, and tab previews. The result? Complete fail. Read More for why and a quick screenshot tour. addendum: As an apology to the community for the reckless and inadequate review I will be doing it again, properly, taking into consideration your fine comments.
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by invent00r on Wed 3rd Jun 2009 22:36 UTC
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I for one, seeing this is a news related to OS and software\hardware in general would expect something more insightful and technical other than remarks mostly about the beta UI and popularity. The UI has just be released a week ago, and it hasn't taken in consideration yet all the feedback it already received. I hope it changes, and I'm sure it will.

Visual Tabs. Not extraordinary, but something that Fx could also use to improve their tab support?

There's the quick remark on Turbo feature. Yes imagines are highly compressed, but you don't really need them to skim for news while your network is under intense use - or you're just on a limited connection. Notice that 3x next to the Turbo icon. That means that the page loaded roughly 3 times faster than it would without Turbo.

Finally, the quick conclusion is based on the UI, with good-old comments on the power of customization, over-featured and probably too complicated.

Actually, it's sad that you can miss out important things like Crash logging, ready to use Inline spelling checker, Acid 3 pixel perfect match, improved performance on the new engine while more standard compliant, Mail CSS/HTML rendering... And I'm just copying this from their forum page, there is plenty more.

Also, concluding that Auto-Update is too late because users don't update anymore is laughable. Sorry to sound so rude, but I can understand a user not updating from 9.63 to 9.64 few weeks after just having updated to 9.63. But everyone will download version then once they know its out. Because even tho it doesn't self-update, it still alerts users there's an update available.

I too agree that UI needs work, and that Visual Tabs won't be a life-saver. Yet you focused on the superficial things, and kept the same speech you probably say every time - that Opera has too many preferences, too many features, etc etc.

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RE: Focus
by saucerful on Thu 4th Jun 2009 06:21 in reply to "Focus"
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Thank god. I read this article thinking exactly what you've expressed and then I nervously clicked the link to the comments wondering whether or not OSnews had turned into a place where something like this could go under the radar. Thank you for preventing that from being a reality.

Put simply, this article was written by a child, not a computer scientist. When did computers stop being productive tools that aid society and start becoming fashion accessories?

It's no coincidence that the author uses a Mac.

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RE: Focus
by Kroc on Thu 4th Jun 2009 06:33 in reply to "Focus"
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Looks like I trolled. I’ve had a very hard week and rushed that too quickly. All the commentators here have helped me learn a lesson, I’m using the wrong perspective.

At least the negative article brought out all the best reasons to support Opera.

I will try gather those up and write a better review.

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RE[2]: Focus
by invent00r on Thu 4th Jun 2009 11:32 in reply to "RE: Focus"
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I can accept a negative review on any product I like\use, just as long as its detailed and analyzes the important and newest aspects of it.

I appreciate you're going to rewrite this, and you can keep your opinion as far as I'm concern, but as long as you do a more insightful review. As telling someone is wrong isn't a bad thing after all, but rather elevating that person to a new level of understanding. I deem harsh reviews will make a product better.

Oh, and you should also read this:

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