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Apple We all know Apple's App Store policies are a bit willy-nilly, inconsistent, and completely unreliable. This issue has been going on for a while now, and it doesn't see like anything has changed. The latest interesting App Store rejection is especially interesting, as it involves Apple rejecting an application related to one of its detractors: the EFF.
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If MS had not dominated the software market then someone else or multiple other's would have braught about the home computer market. Apple would have been a strong contender also but we'd end up with a much more restrictive market and potentially more towards embedded software. Of course, the FOSS folks where a reaction to Unix so that variable would also exist still; potentially more would have been motivated to explore it earlier. Maybe Apple would have put out a Vista in the mid 90s rather than people being motivated by Vista in the last few years.

Every time this idea pops into someone's head, the variables that didn't exist in the previous time make it a whole new "what if" outcome. ;)

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