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Fedora Core Today, Fedora 11 will be unleashed upon the web. The release has been postponed for a few days, but this time it's for real. It comes packed with lots of changes, such as improved boot time, Nouveau as the default NVIDIA driver, and of course the latest and greatest version of various open source packages.
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I think that Tomboy is the only app on the default install or Live environment requiring Mono, so there would be no need to include those libs by default after Gnote is substituted. Having said that, "Removing Mono from Fedora" is a misleading blurb because, as you say, for now it's still in the repos. There are some significant legal concerns with Mono that we are still assessing, so I consider that a fluid situation.

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Paul, yes, I knew that about the Live CD's. I was thinking more about the DVDs that currently install F-Spot and Mono stuff as part of the default install. In my mind, "dropping Mono" means removing it from any and all default installation media, i.e. not "installing it be default."

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