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Debian and its clones Well, this is interesting. We already have a Mono item ruffling some feathers on OSNews today, but here we have the apparent news that Tomboy has become a default part of GNOME on Squeeze, the next release of Debian. Wait, what now? Update: I've updated the article with Fedora's position in all this. Read on! Update II: Josselin Mouette replies.
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RE[2]: Parrot
by diegoviola on Sat 13th Jun 2009 03:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Parrot"
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Parrot is a much better alternative and much better technology anyway.

You should explain WHY it is oh-so-much better. Just claiming it is better won't convince people.

I don't expect people to switch to Parrot, but to me personally Parrot sounds more interesting than Mono.

Mono seems to be patent encumbered but other than that. Java and Mono seems to be stack-based, Parrot is register-based.

Parrot also supports many languages already.

Parrot also has a FAQ where you can see how it compares against Java or Mono etc.

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