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Web 2.0 Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr. All demon spawn from Web 2.0, and we all love to make fun of these websites and the services they provide. However, here in the West, where everything is at arm's length and democracy is something we do not remember fighting for, it's easy to forget that what looks silly and useless to us, can be of the utmost importance somewhere else in the world. Update: I've been informed that the first casualty has fallen at the hands of armed government supporters. Hundreds of thousands of people are now on the streets all over Iran. More updates inside.
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RE: True
by oelewapperke on Mon 15th Jun 2009 22:02 UTC in reply to "True"
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Generally if politicians care more about killing Jews than ... well anything, really, they're hiding something.

Fortunately that seems to be that Iran's tired of rhetoric of killing Jews masking 300%+ inflation rates.

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RE[2]: True
by blitze on Thu 18th Jun 2009 03:06 in reply to "RE: True"
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Funny how you state that Iran's gov is only concerned with killing Jews when Iran has the largest *** Population outside of Israel and probably the largest Semitic *** Population in the world. If you bothered to dig a little into the Presidents transcripts instead of relying on MSM info what was being called for was the end to Israel being purely a *** State and the end of Zionism. Nothing what so ever with the death of *** people.

As for the Iranian elections and their results - are we much better off with our democratic Western Gov's? How many of you supported the Wars that are being waged by the COW? How about those young service personel being sacrificed on the alter of Big Business interests? When you have an election in USA/UK/Australia and have only 2 parties to really choose from and there is nothing seperating them from each other policy wise is that Democracy? How about when those parties represent nothing of public interest and only Big Business stepping on Citizens Rights and the Environment as a result?

Who are we in the West to point fingers? I also find it interesting that the Washington Post's own polling in Iran showed a similar result to what occured in the election. Time for the West to stop stomping on other countries an dpeoples rights in the name of their own interests and just leave the world to itself. As for what is show in the MSM - open your eyes and use your brain. You are not getting a true and real account of news and events.

Is Iran perfect - no but nor are we and to state otherwise is true hypocracy. Funny how Iran has a lot of Oil and Gass Reserves and that the US$ is being migrated away by the large up and coming econimic powers i.e. BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

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