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Hardware, Embedded Systems The NPD group has done a study into customer satisfaction among netbook buyers, and they came to some surprisingly unsurprising results. As it turns out, people who expected a notebook when they bought a netbook were more likely to be disappointed than buyers who set out to buy a netbook from the get-go. No doodoo, Sherlock.
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by jasutton on Tue 23rd Jun 2009 14:57 UTC
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IMHO, most people that are in this 'disappointed' category were really looking for a sub-notebook/ultra-portable. Something along the lines of a Thinkpad X series machine (others make similar form-factor machines, but that's what I'm most familiar with). Unfortunately, while these have a nice compromise between the size and power of netbooks and full-size notebooks, the price is usually higher than both.

However, I've found IBM still has some (refurb'ed) older models in the X series for around the same price as a current (well-stocked) netbook. Battery life isn't as good, but performance is much better for every-day mobile computing. I'm currently running an X40 with a 32GB SSD and Kubuntu 9.04 -- it runs like a champ, though I'm looking into a higher-capacity battery.

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