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Window Managers We're all pretty much versed in the worlds of GNOME, KDE, and to a lesser degree, Xfce, and while there are lots of alternatives, none of the smaller ones really seem to gain much traction beyond their fans. An exception is LXDE, a small and resource efficient desktop environment.
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RE[3]: Comment by flynn
by Morgan on Thu 25th Jun 2009 13:06 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by flynn"
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Just look at MS Windows for example: Win95 installed in less than 100MB of hard drive space. Win98 around 160MB, Win2000 around 200-300MB, Vista 4-8GIG, Win7 around 15GIG. It's totally ridiculous!!! It's just sloppy coding!

Are you giving your own experiences or just quoting the hardware requirements? Particularly regarding Vista and 7, you are way off. Vista Ultimate is indeed in the 4-8GB range, though if I remember correctly it is on the low end, around 5.5GB last time I set it up for someone; nowhere near 8GB. Windows 7, which I have on a partition on my main PC (and am posting from now) was roughly 6GB after installation. Also, you skipped XP entirely, which depending on the included service pack can vary from about 1GB to nearly 2GB in my experience.

You do have a valid point, but don't go making up numbers to "prove" it.

Note: I'm not a Microsoft apologist by any stretch of the imagination, it just irks me to no end to see someone make up bullshit to prove a point. Windows 7 is on my main PC because the rest of the family requires Windows (for now; I'm working on that) and it's free for a year. I'm enjoying testing it out too; it's really the best thing they've ever put out there in my opinion. For my own computing I prefer OS X, BeOS or Slackware.

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