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OSNews, Generic OSes While traversing about the web this afternoon, I came across a rather funny subject title for a forum post. The person asked if any "normal" people use Linux, but went on to ask forgiveness for the lack of a better word than "normal." He wonders if anyone who isn't an open source, uber-geeky, stay-up-until-dawn-exploring-code fanatic actually uses Linux. Though the congregation here at OSNews is (obviously) comprised of very many of the aforementioned fanatics (in a sense; wear the title with pride), I also believe there to be many readers who are more or less "normal," for the lack of a better word, and plenty who may fall in between both spectrums of nerdiness.
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RE: My family is using GNU/Linux
by Lennie on Tue 30th Jun 2009 23:51 UTC in reply to "My family is using GNU/Linux"
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My parents use Ubuntu, I've not had any more stupid questions, maybe even less as with Windows.

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I have 3 computers at home and only a desktop has Windows Vista dual booted with Ubuntu 9.04. The other desktop runs FreeBSD 7.2 for NAS and the laptop runs Linux Mint. The only reason I still have a machine with Windows (not default on GRUB), is to make home video edition. My wife and kid have started to use Linux last year and they are very happy. The first opinion from my wife was, do we bought a new computer? it's running much faster than the previous!

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Gaming keeps a WinXP install on my hardware and a few prefered win32 only tools keep a WinXP VM installed.

For gaming it's great because I can fine tune the system for the specific game rather than having a do-everything install plus games. It has it's hardware support problems (how is bluetooth still such a mess) but it's only there to push whatever game I'm in to.

My network would be boring if it was only one platform though too. I can't imagine being limited to a single OS anymore. Even my work notebook is two hard drive installs plus a liveCD.

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