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Mono Project We've had a lot of debates recently on the merits - or dangers - of Mono. We've had troubles with how Microsoft views Mono and whether or not everyone is safe using it, but we also had a public back-and-forth among Debian maintainers. During all this, Richard Stallman remained pretty mum on the issue, today he broke the silence on the FSF website.
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RE: explain
by Slambert666 on Wed 1st Jul 2009 12:03 UTC in reply to "explain"
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You see, encouraging free tools for lawn mowing doesn't simultaneously mean encouraging mowing the lawn. One is a new possibility for choice, the other is the choice being made. While being happy for further choices, one might not be so happy when seeing a particular choice being made.

Personally I think RMS was right when he was against software patents, now he has crossed the line and is supporting patents as a basis for making choices about what software to use.
Isn't that what microsoft would want you to do?

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RE[2]: explain
by l3v1 on Thu 2nd Jul 2009 06:00 in reply to "RE: explain"
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I wouldn't think so, because there are big differences in the - sometimes philosophical, sometimes practical - goals of RMS and of MS. Whatever RMS says, one can be fairly certain he is all in FOSS's benefit. Sure, most of the times he sounds somewhat extreme, but sometimes even extremes are good, at least for keeping the crowds in line.

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