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Hardware, Embedded Systems Now this is interesting news that hit my inbox at 2:22 AM (don't ask). It seems like the concept of selling Mac clones is more lucrative than many have anticipated, as I've just been informed via email that the German PearC has expanded its business into the BeNeLux (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg) and France. Together with the news that Psystar emerged from chapter 11, it looks like the market for Mac clones is more lucrative than many of us had imagined.
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You somehow think paying $129 for an operating system means you own it?

I think paying €100 for a COPY of an OS makes me the rightful owner of this particular copy. I am bound by copyright laws, but otherwise I can do what I please with it.

You bought a license to use it on your systems for however long those systems run.

I bought a copy of an OS, and am given the right to fair use it. I am allowed by copyright to make a backup copy of it, and install it onto one computer to put it to the use advertised by the copyright owner.
ANY terms and conditions made known to me AFTER the sales contract was signed and which want to take away some rights I assumed of having when buying the CD are simply invalid.

And quite frankly, I do not understand what Apple is whining about, they are paid handsomely for their OS.

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