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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "This follow-up to the previously published article 'Ubuntu: Derivative or Fork?' takes into account most of everything that has been posted as a reaction to the first article to present a general opinion and compare them with facts derived from various resouces. You'll see that peace can be achieved between these two, and ultimately any GNU/Linux group out there."
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I agree -- this is one of the things I really dislike about ubuntu. I'd like kanotix a lot more if it had a better installer, but I have it installed on one of my drives. Also, not speaking german is a major bummer when looking at their forums. But yeah, the 6 month freeze/upgrade cycle is something I could do without.

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"Also, not speaking german is a major bummer when looking at their forums."

Dear friend

There is a pretty good English section of the forum (and growing), the wiki is in English as well as in German...
Besides if you post in English in the German forum, you get quite often a polite reply in English, mostly from Kano himself.
Kano, besides being a genius, is incredibly down to earth and approachable.

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There are english forums and you can always talk in english on irc as well as german. if kanotix takes off, there will be a lot more english chatter.

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