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Internet Explorer YouTube will be phasing out support for Internet Explorer version 6. "Judging by this screenshot taken by an IE6 user who was watching some videos on YouTube, it appears the Google company will be phasing out support for the browser shortly."
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by kaiwai on Wed 15th Jul 2009 04:39 UTC in reply to "..."
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I second that; I wish that there was some way to create Webkit so that it can replace Trident as the rendering core so end users can maintain the same interface they're used to but at the same time enable them to transition away from Microsoft.

Internet Explorer is horrible and if Microsoft had any common sense they would kill of trident in favour of Webkit - but given Microsoft's ingrained 'not invented here', I don't see it happening anytime soon. Then again, if I had my way, I'd rip large sections out of Windows and replace them with superior open source alternatives.

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