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Hardware, Embedded Systems Both IDC and Gartner have released their preliminary figures on the state of the US and worldwide PC market, and while both companies agree that overall, the market declined about 3-5% worldwide, they differ when it comes to the figures of Apple. Quite interesting.
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RE[2]: Apple
by qunying on Mon 20th Jul 2009 20:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Apple"
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As for their hardware being too pricey - on what metric? you *REALLY* think that the dollars you save are going to make up for just how cruddy Windows is? great, so you save $300 but inherit the pain of running a third rate operating system as a result (LInux isn't even relevant on the desktop due to the lack of third party commercial software for the desktop and shonky hardware support (ath5k driver corrupting downloads anyone?)) really worth the money saved? I spent 1month with Windows Vista and I quickly sold the Lenovo laptop (after owning it for 1 month), took the hit in value drop and purchased a MacBook (before owning a Lenovo, I owned a MacBook); that is how horrible Windows is. There isn't a single redeeming feature of it - but if you're expectations are low and the only exposure to computers are computers running Windows then you'll be thrilled by almost any damn thing thrown on the market (hence the reason you have so many Windows -> Linux converts and very few Mac -> Linux converts).

For me, I run Linux exclusively, and I am happy with it. I only purchase hardware that is compatible with Linux. I could afford Apple, but for the same price, I could get much better hardware (faster CPU, more RAM, more disk, etc. ....)

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