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Windows The browser saga between Microsoft, the EU, and various browser makers just got a new chapter. We all know how the EU and Microsoft are in a legal tussle over the inclusion of Internet Explorer with Windows. Microsoft surprised everyone in June by announcing that Windows 7 would ship without Internet Explorer in Europe, a move it had hoped would silence the EU. The EU and Opera, however, were not impressed, and now Microsoft has caved in to the pressure.
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... MS does not tell OEM's what OS to put on their PCs.

This must be one of the most naive statements I've read recently ;)

Of course it does, it puts OEMs under considerable pressure NOT to install alternative OSs (through economic "incentives" like offering considerable discount on OEM licences as long as they don't offer alternative X across their product lines). This has been proven on countless occasions, plus this is precisely what the EU has been investigating before MS caved in.

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Even if MS's OEM deals didn't exist, that economic pressure would still be there to standardize on a single choice of OS. Less options to support makes for cheaper, more efficient operation on the vendor's side of things. The closest you'd get to having a true choice is outlawing preinstalls altogether and forcing the consumer to deal with acquiring and supporting their OS on their own.

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