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KDE For a very long time now, I've been on the hunt for a distribution that really put a lot of effort into their KDE4 implementation. This has been a frustrating search, full of broken installations, incredibly slow performance, and so many visual artifacts they made my eyes explode. Since KDE 4.3 is nearing release, I had to pick up this quest in order to take a look at where 4.3 stands - and I found a home in the KDE version of Fedora 11. Read on for a look as to where KDE 4.3 currently stands.
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RE[2]: distribution for KDE?!
by molnarcs on Tue 28th Jul 2009 11:35 UTC in reply to "RE: distribution for KDE?!"
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Screen shots packed full of dozens of third party apps and tweaks showing off nothing but the users questionable aesthetic tastes don't really serve any purpose in a review.

I beg to differ - showing off the capabilities and flexibility of a desktop environment is a valid reason for reviews. Now you can describe customizations (click this menu, select that, than push that button on the bottom left corner) or... you can show a screenshot of a heavily customized desktop illustrating what you can do with it.

Edit> I agree though that customizations should be done with the default tools available in the specific implementation. System Settings, GetHotNewStuff, etc qualifies - you know the tools that are immediately visible to the average user. Stuff you download from kde-apps and compile them yourself don't qualify.

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