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Apple The news just broke that Apple has rejected the official upcoming Google Voice application, and stopped distributing the third party "GV" application, an app that was previously authorized. Read on for a quick commentary, from the point of view of not an Apple or Google fangirl, but from someone who genuinely appreciates VoIP SIP (even if Google Voice itself is not VoIP, read on). For those who have read my blog over the years, would probably remember my VoIP-related rants since 2005. UPDATE: A more direct, more personal, reply from me to Apple and AT&T.
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RE: It's Simple Really - still paid for
by jabbotts on Tue 28th Jul 2009 13:17 UTC in reply to "It's Simple Really"
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A few people have made that same point so I have to ask, isn't that VOIP time still paid for? Transferring data over the 3G network is not a free service so the parasite.. er.. service providers are still getting paid for one's use of VOIP when not on a wifi connection.

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segedunum Member since:

It's a lack of control. Google Voice encourages you to use your GV number but it's probably the prospect of free text messaging that is spooking them the most.

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Not if your plan includes unlimited data.

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I had thought of that one. The unlimited data plans around these parts are not usually a cheap monthly fee so the phone company is still getting it's pound of flesh. Unlimited data would definitely help and it blocks the phone companies long distance fees along with the double billing that happens between phone carriers. Lack of control in the comment above is probably closer to accurate.

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