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Apple The discussion around whether or not jailbreaking iPhones should be exempt from the DMCA has just reached a level of ridiculousness that words can't really describe any longer. As some of you might know, Apple and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are in a tussle with one another over whether or not the US Copyright Office should put an exemption in the DMCA allowing the jailbreaking of iPhones. Apple's reasoning for why no exemption should be made is rather... Over-the-top.
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Kind of sad
by reflect on Wed 29th Jul 2009 20:06 UTC
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It's probably just me, but 10 years ago I kind of admired Apple. They did their thing, they put hardware out there, they managed to shed the manacles of OS9 and produce OS X etc.. and their hardware was kind of.. good, along with their software.. it was well thought through. That, and the fact that it was a solid anternative to MS products..

However, then I rarely reacted to things like this. Perhaps I didnt' care, or maybe the process wasn't half-way as transparent as this, but looking back over the last 1-3 years..

Wow, Apple behaves like a real f--ktard, and I will never buy any of their products unless they change this so-called stance of theirs. ;)

wow, it appears osnews has a word filter.
lucktard, tucktard, f--ktard, ducktard...

and the best part is that the edit, or preview parts of this site won't even tell you it'll do it..

Anyway, going on. Apple was the underdog. They fought the good fight. But now? They're trying to shut people out of their services.. they're trying to keep people from creating their own hardware, to run their OS on.. they're trying to prevent people from running the applications that their OWN consumers wants to run on their phones.. the list is long, and.. it puts a huge dent in the so-called "crown" apple used to wear. Note that apple no longer wears a capital A.

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