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Microsoft With Apple doing really, really well, and with Microsoft having its first sets of negative figures since the company's founding, Microsoft CEO points his arrows towards Cupertino. In a talk to members of the press and analyst community, Ballmer talked about Microsoft vs. Apple.
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I like Windows 7. I really do. But.....
by polaris20 on Fri 31st Jul 2009 13:59 UTC
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MS (Ballmer in particular) needs to stop worrying about what Apple's doing and come out with solid products. If they're worried about what hardware their OS is going onto in relation to how it compares to Apple hardware, they've got some tough issues, because they're a software company.

The only hardware that comes close to Apple on the PC side (in my opinion) are Thinkpads, and those just aren't "sexy". Incredibly functional and durable, yes. But not attractive.

MS's big problem now is they're having a tough time innovating anything. Lately they're stuck copying everyone else.

iPod --> Zune.
iPod Touch --> Zune HD
Google --> Bing
Genius Bar --> Guru Bar

Come on guys, hire some fresh talent, and do something original. And stop worrying so much about a company with 9% share.

IMO, in the coming years they're going to have a bigger problem with OSS than Apple, should enterprises and SMB catch on in a bigger way.

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[quote]Thinkpads, and those just aren't "sexy".[/quote]
I know what you're trying to say, but it depends on the eye of the beholder and also on marketing. For me personally, Thinkpads are overly sexy, I truly love their looks. Macbooks (and also Mac Desktops) look 'gay' to me, but not sexy (not meant to offend anyone here, I think even gay people understand what I mean).

I'm quite sure, though, that it would be even possible to market the Thinkpad-look as the 'cool style', it just isn't done (and it's not necessary (I'm actually glad nobody does it)). Most people don't buy what they like, instead they like what they're being sold. If marketing was done differently, most people might actually enjoy the "rough industrial look" and mock the "ballerina look". It's just a matter of what is considered being modern.

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