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Microsoft With Apple doing really, really well, and with Microsoft having its first sets of negative figures since the company's founding, Microsoft CEO points his arrows towards Cupertino. In a talk to members of the press and analyst community, Ballmer talked about Microsoft vs. Apple.
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Your claim of "single-product market" has been dismissed by judge's order.

You "fail to allege facts plausibly supporting the counterintuitive claim that Appleā€™s operating system is so unique that it suffers no actual or potential competitors."

Or if you still disagree this, you must think that Windows must release its kernel because there is a "Windows kernel market," or Intel must release its hyper-thread unit because there is a "hyper-thread unit market," and any video card vendor must not sale their card as a whole but must open its "graphics acceleration chip market." And all manufacture must split their product into piece and piece and eventually we will have a "pieces market."

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Your claim of "single-product market" has been dismissed by judge's order.

Was this supposed to be in response to my post or some other? It doesn't seem to have much to do with what I said.

If it *is* supposed to be a response to mine, you should have been looking for a judge's declaration asserting that Apple, Inc hasn't made a business out of selling snake oil to the gullible at premium prices. An insular market is a different thing from a monopoly market. Nice try though. Let me know if you find anything.

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