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Features, Office The team has been experimenting with a new user interface for the suite of programs, and they've presented the first rough prototype of this new interface, more specifically for Impress. The general gist? It's Microsoft Office 2007's ribbon interface.
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Hey, ribbon UI is great. is not very usable, you know, feels like if you were using Office 95 with steroids. The overall usability of OOo is like if you would need a manual to do every little thing.
I liked the scrollable toolbar concept, hope they to develop that.
I agree about the migration thing, but if there is no 'alternative' UI for OpenOffice (be it customizable or a new one, a creative one) the 'migration' will always rely on pursuing MS Office's tail. Maybe a middle point could be the scrollable toolbar if it is well designed.

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At home I held onto Office 97 til ditching Windows, maybe 4 years ago. I never had a single reason for upgrading.

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