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In the News RadioShack will be taking a leaf out of Microsoft's book (remember that Bing thing?) by renaming itself to simply "The Shack" in the hopes that it will reach out to consumers to help them understand that the store isn't just a nuts-and-bolts (batteries-and-parts, anyone?) place for the electronic era. They want people to know that they're competing with those larger retail stores in selling computers, LCD televisions, and more, and I suppose they think "The Shack" will cause droves of people to suddenly forsake BestBuy and Wal-Mart's offerings of the common consumer electronics. In a way I couldn't rewrite better, a RadioShack veteran customer writes his feelings on the subject at hand and stresses that "you can change your look, even your name, but you are still just what you are--and people notice."
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Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name because "fried" became the trendy thing to flip out over for health reasons. Kinda like how trans fats were a few years ago, and how corn syrup seems to be now.

KFC kept most of the name recognition they had, and stopped people from saying fried. Yeah, everyone knew it was still fried food, but, without "fried" as part of the name, it seemed a little less bad.

You're totally right about the Radio Shack comments though.

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KFC changed their name since the Commonwealth of Kentucky trademarked the word Kentucky in 1990.

As far as the Radio Shack, I see this as another Tech America, Computer City, Incredible Universe death spiral. They make Best Buy's prices look good.

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