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Morphos The team behind MorphOS has just announced the release of MorphOS 2.3 for the PowerPC-based platforms, the Pegasos and the Efika. This new release comes with a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements, but also packs a number of new features.
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Ambient is developed on MorphOS CVS server, that's why you don't see changes on Ambient sf, will be synced back again to sourceforge (I was told). They moved development of Ambient to their server for a while, because of syncing code to 3 servers (1 is too much. I can't compile daily builds now, so no news on Ambient homepage. I will update some info there.

Yeah, porting Ambient to AROS would be great. I don't like AROS Wanderer too.

Reggae is cool. Bienvenue - MorphOS welcome screen ;) MultiView is using Reggae, DigiFilter, Shuffle game... I hope for great future of this object oriented multimedia processing framework, we will see, it's up to developers. MorphOS MUI (Magic User Interface) v4 has many great new futures too, a lot of changes since Amiga days and MUI 3.9! Actively developed too, a lof of public betas.

MorphOS future direction? First target now: Mac PPC platform (I think). I know that it's not produced anymore, but there is many many more pieces of this hardware and more powerful than very hard to obtain Pegasos I, II, EFIKA machines. MorphOS needs more hardware to run now. A lot of people is waiting for Mac PPC port. We must hope, that Mac PPC will bring new people and developers to our platform. There are some innovative things under the hood, f.e. thanks to Ambient desktop - very good and configurable user interface, Enhanced Display Engine, Reggae, MUI v4, faster TLSF memory system... I like Trance (68k -> PPC) for Amiga compatibility.

There is not much news on MorphOS Team homepage, but you can join #morphos IRC channel on, cca 60 MorphOS users regulalry online, many MorphOS Team members. You can catch some new MorphOS info or sometimes even screenshots (MorphOS 3.0, Mac Mini version and MorphOS PowerBook G4 photos). Same for community/news sites like mentioned True is that they don't tell you release date (except MorphOS 2.0's Q4 2008). But latest MorphOS 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 versions were released in short intervals - 4 versions in last 13 months. Not much time to wait. Mac PPC version is developed in parallel. Good progress, I think ;)

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by Thom_Holwerda on Sat 8th Aug 2009 21:14 in reply to "RE[3]: Looking forward to the review..."
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I'm keeping my PowerMac G4 dual 450Mhz around for this very reason. I hope that the future Mac PPC support for MOS extends to PowerMac G4s as well.

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