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Hardware, Embedded Systems The big thing in notebooks right now are netbooks. They're cheap, more than powerful enough for day-to-day tasks, and small enough to actually carry around without anyone even noticing you're carrying one (not a bad thing in some parts of the world). However, they also receive a lot of criticism, such as cramped keyboards and displays that are too small. So, at Kaiwai's suggestion, here's a question for you all: how do you use your netbook?
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by Chaos_One on Thu 20th Aug 2009 14:23 UTC
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I used my Asus EEE PC 4G on holiday for moving pictures from my digital camera to a portable hard disk, my wife/son watched movies on it (I used my iPod Classic) and I used it to check the results of my diving goggles with build-in camera (but no display).

It runs an Ubuntu based distro called OpenGEU.

At home I don't use it, prefer my iPhone for mobile computing as the EEE is pretty slow and most software is crap.

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by Mark Williamson on Thu 20th Aug 2009 15:51 in reply to "EEE PC 4G"
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I forgot in my previous post - another thing I do use it for is to empty the 1GB SD card in my camera whilst I'm on holiday. That way I can take *lots* more photos :-D

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RE[2]: EEE PC 4G
by Chaos_One on Thu 20th Aug 2009 16:13 in reply to "RE: EEE PC 4G"
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I don't dare take my EOS along, so I use a cheaper camera, but it uses Smart Media cards. You can't buy them anywhere anymore and the one I have is only 128MB.

So I bought an external portable hard disk and brought a card reader along.

In the SD card slot is a 4GB card, which I started to use as a backup medium after my wife dropped the external disk (@*!&*@&*@) and most movies were damaged (but lucky only one picture!).

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