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Linux A complaint you hear quite often is that the Linux desktop environments, which mostly refers to KDE and GNOME, are trying too hard to be like Windows and Mac OS X. Now, even James Bottomley, Distinguished Engineer at Novell, Director of the Linux Foundation, and Chair of its Technical Advisory Board (put that on your business card) states in an interview that he believes the Linux desktop is too much like Windows and Mac.
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RE: This makes no sense
by GiantTalkingCow on Thu 27th Aug 2009 20:26 UTC in reply to "This makes no sense"
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I'm sure that I agree. As has been mentioned (phone UIs, PVRs, etc), people can adapt to user interfaces pretty quickly, especially if the UI is well designed. I think that the main problem comes from a lack of UI consistency, trying to ape commercial efforts too closely, and a general lack of design skill on the part of most DE devs these days. (That is to say, ignorance of the importance of such things as layouts, use of space, access to options, etc)

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