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Legal Earlier today we reported that while Apple doesn't encourage it, the Snow Leopard upgrade disk can be used to upgrade machines that have Mac OS 10.4 Tiger installed as well. However, this is actually forbidden by the accompanying EULA, which raises an interesting question: do you have any moral problems ignoring said EULA? And on a more general note, do you actually care about any EULA at all?
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Not at all
by Bit_Rapist on Fri 28th Aug 2009 20:08 UTC
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I could care less about an EULA.

I do not even read them because I'd never be inclined to actually follow one.

Now I'm not a total douche, I won't give out copies of software I've purchased, but that has nothing to do with the EULA. That is just me not wanting to take the time to copy the CD/DVD and/or upload the crap for other people.

I will however hack/modify/reverse engineer any piece of software I buy in order to make it perform to the task(s) I purchased it for.

The EULA though, that is nothing more than a half second of wasted time as I click "I agree" without reading it.

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