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Legal The week isn't even over yet, and we already have another instalment in the Apple-Psystar soap opera. Psystar has filed a new lawsuit in the Florida Southern District Court in Miami, asking for an injunction and damages because of Apple's "anticompetitive attempts to tie Mac OS X Snow Leopard to its Macintosh line of computers".
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Why is it blood-sucking? I re-sold countless copies of Apple software... Does that make me blood-sucking?

Just wondering, because vampires are kinda cool. Rawr!

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They remind me of patent trolls here in the states... they just suck off what other companies have done. What "value" has Psystar added to their customers?

The US needs all kinds of reforms in its legal systems: music distribution monopolies, software patents, etc.

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2007-03-13 you're saying that unless you're the company that wrote the software/engineered the product, you shouldn't be allowed to sell it? So companies that sell products that they had nothing to do with creating are in your eyes 'blood sucking' ??

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What "value" has Psystar added to their customers?

Psystar sells their systems with features not available on Apple systems, and at a very competitive price.

RAID, BluRay, 10,000 rpm drives are available built-to-order, as well as lower-cost Core2Duo desktops.

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What "value" has Psystar added to their customers?

They have added some much-needed competition for computers running OS X and offered low cost OS X capable computers.

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What "value" has Psystar added to their customers?

Snapping a few parts together and installing an operating system doesn't add value? Funny, most computer customers think it's a valuable service, and thousands of companies oblige by doing just that.

Ever hear of Dell? Did you think Dell writes their own operating systems?

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