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OSNews, Generic OSes "Newmium is currently developing iXRIOS, a high-speed, multi-processor, multi-operative, real-time operating system based on the workstation-server model. Users log on to a specific machine on which their operatives execute by default. They can request remote execution of their operatives via automatic and transparent load balancing of operatives and processors. Coupled with transparent load balancing, the iXRIOS system is loading only required services and drivers. iXRIOS is going to be restricted to commercial USA corporations. All government and non-profits are excluded from the program."
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fairly limited
by ideasman42 on Sun 30th Aug 2009 13:53 UTC
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From looking at the site, it seems when you use their OS you get.
* custom languages
* custom parser generator
* some notepad type app
* a web browser
* all security focused

...Ok, so it cant run powerpoint ;) , I get that its not the purpose, but it sounds even say a C/C++ compiler on this OS isn't supported.

On one hand its interesting they make something totally new with security in mind. (rather then yet another slightly different kernel with gnu/bsd userland).
But who would use this?... My impression is that even banks and other high security businesses need something that runs existing applications where there are admins that can manage it.

Who knows, maybe it only has to be able to run a limited set of tasks with high level of security.

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