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Linux Open source 3D graphics drivers for ATI R600 garphics cards has been submitted to the kernel-next tree for possible inclusion in the Linux kernel 2.6.32. "David Airlie has pushed a horde of new code into his drm-next Git tree, which is what will get pulled into the Linux 2.6.32 kernel once the merge window is open. Most prominently, this new DRM code brings support for kernel mode-setting with R600 class hardware as well as 3D support."
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RE[5]: R700+ also supported
by lemur2 on Fri 11th Sep 2009 05:53 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: R700+ also supported"
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The current code only supports OpenGL1.4, although 1.5 support should come soon (already in the r300-500 driver), as well as Xv video acceleration and is quite snappy for desktop use. Things like Google Earth will run great in this driver.

How about KDE4/Compiz desktop graphics compositing (i.e. desktop bling, and the desktop "spinning cube")?

AFAIK, DRI (or perhaps DRI2) and OpenGL 1.4 support should be sufficient for this purpose. Is that correct?

There are a number of simple games and video players et al, that will run fine, and benefit immensely, from just this level of support.

3D games and scene graph rendering (e.g. for simulators) can come along a bit later.

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RE[6]: R700+ also supported
by adamk on Sat 12th Sep 2009 00:51 in reply to "RE[5]: R700+ also supported"
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Yes, compositing (via KDE or compiz) works with the current Mesa r100 through r500 driver, and even the (still experimental) r600/r700 driver, though with some remaining issues.

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