Programming and Other Articles at InformIT

Some interesting programming and other articles are to be found this way round at InformIT. Read more for a list of the articles (free registration required).Fallacies of Software Engineering Management
The usefulness of metrics, managing quality, and ego-less programming are all fallacies. Learn how software engineering management works in the real world.

Windows Game Programming: Working with Windows
Andre LaMothe supplies some important pieces you need to make a complete Windows application—including resources, menus, input devices, GDIs, and messaging.

Performing and Displaying C++ Calculations
Mark Cashman and Jesse Liberty demonstrate how to use literals and how to declare and define variables and constants; how to assign values to these variables and constants, and what values and names are valid; and how to get input from the user.

Creating Applications with Java API for XML Parsing (JAXP)
Alex Pestrikov and Stephen Potts show you how to use JAXP to process XML. Learn how to parse an XML document and extract its information, how to parse the XML document using the JAXP’s DOM approach, and how to create a real-world application that demonstrates how JAXP and XML could be used to facilitate distributed processing.

The Life Cycle of a Use Case
Learn how well-formed, good quality use cases can drive and facilitate the other, downstream software development activities.