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FreeBSD "Though the open source FreeBSD operating system has changed in many aspects over the last 16 years of its life, one item that has remained relatively static is its underlying network routing architecture. No more: It's getting an overhaul with the upcoming FreeBSD 8.0 release. FreeBSD 8.0, due out next month, will include a new routing architecture that takes advantage of parallel processing capabilities. According to its developers, the update will provide FreeBSD 8.0 with a faster more advanced routing architecture than the legacy architecture."
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RE[3]: haiku?
by kaiwai on Sat 12th Sep 2009 01:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: haiku?"
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I think the word "very" is misplaced.

Not so long ago BSD had better wireless support than Linux. Who knows, might be still true.

Kudos to Damien Bergamini from the OpenBSD project.

If you read what I wrote I was talking explicitly about FreeBSD and nothing else; you've started off on a tangent that I never initiated. The issue is that the vast majority of laptops out there ship with Intel wireless of which the support from FreeBSD is either basic or non-existant. Bringing in OpenBSD, NetBSD or some other BSD that I've left out.

Even with OpenBSD it has taken till now to finally get WPA/WPA2 support working. For a person like me, I don't want to setup servers, VPN's and all the other crap; I just want a router set to WPA2 that I log onto.

Back on topic; the fact of the matter is that FreeBSD has very limited support for wireless and even the wireless drivers it does have, the support for the required wireless technologies are limited in scope as well. Personally, instead of trying to be everything to everyone; have a limited pool to focus on and thats it. 90% of laptops sold have Intel wireless chipsets so why focus on the remaining 10% that is split between a dozen different companies?

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RE[4]: haiku?
by nt_jerkface on Tue 15th Sep 2009 07:31 in reply to "RE[3]: haiku?"
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FreeBSD development is focused on the server, and in that area hardware compatibility isn't a problem.

Using it is a laptop OS is a waste of time.

Run it in a Windows VM or proceed at your own risk.

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