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Mac OS X While Snow Leopard includes some improvements in the area of security, noted security researcher Charlie Miller, winner of two consecutive "Pwn2own" hacker contests and co-author of The Mac Hacker's Handbook, concludes that Apple missed the boat on security in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. "Snow Leopard's more secure than Leopard, but it's not as secure as Vista or Windows 7," Miller said.
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Yes its is FUD
by Hakime on Thu 17th Sep 2009 04:00 UTC
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And speaking about OS X being less secure than Vista or Windows 7, well lets takes too examples.


An outstanding flaw, which can be exploited to remotely crash and restart computers and eventually execute code totally remotely. The flaw is in the Microsoft's Server Message Block 2 (SMB2) protocol, and the only thing an attacker needs is that the port 445 of the target system must be open, and it is open by default on windows. The attacker does not require authentication, just a sitting computer plugged to the net....

Vista more secure than OS X, no, please.

Windows 7:

Saying that windows 7 is more secure than OS X is even more stupid when everyone knows that Windows 7 has a severe code injection vulnerability associated with its implementation of UAC and even the source code of the injection is publicly available. So every potential user of windows 7 is at risk with that one, Microsoft knows it and refuses to fix the problem and in the same time Miller says us that Windows 7 is more secure than OS X. That is hilarious.... really, some people are real clowns.

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RE: Yes its is FUD
by dvhh on Thu 17th Sep 2009 06:43 in reply to "Yes its is FUD"
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Your point in SMB vulnerability is valid for for vista but only valid for lan connections ( SMB should be deactivated on WAN connection ).
It was also valid for the RC version of windows 7, and not working ( as I read on various website ).

My point is windows 7 is no more secure than other OS but still better that older versions.

One so called expert opinion does not reflect the industry state, so instead of flaming you should take it with a grain of salt.

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