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Mac OS X While Snow Leopard includes some improvements in the area of security, noted security researcher Charlie Miller, winner of two consecutive "Pwn2own" hacker contests and co-author of The Mac Hacker's Handbook, concludes that Apple missed the boat on security in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. "Snow Leopard's more secure than Leopard, but it's not as secure as Vista or Windows 7," Miller said.
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And neither of those have anything to do with "Apple product owners." The OP (of this little subthread of comments) started to distance himself from Apple users because they are all idiots? Ridiculous, it was a troll.

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And neither of those have anything to do with "Apple product owners."

Eh? Why would my comment have anything to do with Apple product owners? My post was a response to a follow-up comment - not to the OP.

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I know... I replied to you because you laid out valid reasons, unlike robojerk.

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But, by the same token, many people have such fragile egos that they will interpret any suggestion as implied criticism - no matter how careful you are to avoid phrasing the suggestion as "what you're doing is stupid, here's what you should do instead."

I'll admit the last little paragraph was troll'ish. On hindsight I should have left it out. I don't hate Apple products, the culture is a little too much to take at times.

The buried comment about Macs not having 2 mouse buttons just made me remember that story.

Why are people arguing with me what the price of the mouse was?

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