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Apple We all have our most favored machines of yesteryear; in this I assume that most people are like me, anyway. Breaking away from the mundane every-day news of boring (I jest) new technologies such as touchscreens the size of a wall and upcoming operating systems that support graphics cards with 1.5 GB of vRAM, take a walk down memory lane-- or "Neurological Alley" as I like to call it-- and take a look inside, outside, and in all of the nooks and crannies in between the circuits of the Macintosh Plus and its accompanying System 6, fresh from the splendor of 1986.
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Funny video
by mrstep on Tue 22nd Sep 2009 23:42 UTC
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The biggest jokes for me have to be...

- Scully smiling happily at the amazing revenue his leadership brought.

- "In other news, Jack Tramiel opened a new restaurant today."

I still have my Mega2 ST which ran a Mac emulator faster than a real Mac at the time, and now I can run an ST emulator on my Mac that definitely runs faster then ANY current Atari computers. ;)

Of course if the post-Jobs management at Apple had stayed we'd probably all be posting from our Windows (or Linux) boxes, but that brings it back to the first joke.

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