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Microsoft Most of us are probably aware of Singularity, a research operating system out of Microsoft Research which explored a number of new ideas, which is available as open source software. Singularity isn't the only research OS out of Microsoft; they recently released the first snapshot of a new operating system, called Barrelfish. It introduces the concept of the multikernel, which treats a multicore system as a network of independent cores, using ideas from distributed systems.
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RE[2]: Whats the whole point?
by unclefester on Sat 26th Sep 2009 08:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Whats the whole point?"
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"What's the point in wasting money on research?

Yeah, who needs this stupid thing called "science" anyway?
[/q]Yeah, who needs this stupid thing called "science" anyway? [/q]

I think you mean technology - writing software isn't science.

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RE[3]: Whats the whole point?
by ephracis on Sat 26th Sep 2009 09:18 in reply to "RE[2]: Whats the whole point?"
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As I am studying "computer science" I will have to disagree with you. Writing software can be science since writing software includes creating algorithms, and algorithms are a fundamental part of computer science, no matter of the field is artificial intelligence, image analysis or database optimization.

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AlexandreAM Member since:

Relax, this is most likely the view of one of purists of science definition as "Acquiring knowledge by applying Scientific Method".

Too bad that definition leaves Math out of it, that's why I refuse to accept such definition, but most people I know gladly accept it. So, it's simply a matter of semantics, I guess.

Please note that I don't mean the word "purist" in an offending way, more like describing a specific line of thought.

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unclefester Member since:

Programming doesn't follow the basic tenets of science such as observation, creating and testing hypotheses or experimentation.

Algorithms are mathematics. Mathematics is not considered a science. Mathematics is a tool used in science.

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