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Graphics, User Interfaces Gimp critics will have one less thing to complain about when Gimp 2.8 is released later this year. Single window mode is coming with the next major release along with some other interesting UI enhancements.
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Six steps backward
by sorpigal on Tue 29th Sep 2009 11:18 UTC
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Okay, I get that a lot of people like the idea of a single window interface. It's not actually good, but I understand that people don't know this. Whatever! Give them their choice, I'm cool with that.


Why would you ever want a single window mode which denies you the ability to work back and forth on two or three images? The article makes it sound confusing and difficult to achieve, technically. Well, it might be confusing (I doubt it) but how can it possibly be a technical challenge? We have this right now in the Gimp!

If you make me tab/switch back and forth between images you will seriously harm my workflow. I know some people only work on one image at a time, but why remove the option for those of us who need it?

And what about defaults? Please tell me that the GIMP will continue to default to its traditional interface. This UI is inherently superior and if it is relegated to an afterthought I and many others will suffer. Let those fools who cry when they don't have a gray box painted behind their tool panes flip the option on!

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