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GNU, GPL, Open Source Well, this is refreshing. While Richard Stallman is a staunch critic of anything closed and non-Free, his ire seems mostly directed towards DRM and Microsoft. However, a lesser known fact is that he often talks about Apple's Mac OS X too in his speeches. During those speeches, he repeatedly claimed Mac OS X contained a backdoor which allowed Apple to forcibly impose software changes upon users. Stallman has now posted a retraction for those claims.
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by ralish on Wed 30th Sep 2009 10:33 UTC
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Was that really even an apology? Because if it was, it would be pretty close to the most backhanded apology I have ever read.

In the first sentence he manages to take a completely unsubstantiated and unrelated swipe at Windows. He follows up with his quick apology, by admitting to spreading what he admits he never had any even remotely credible proof to begin with. Then effectively spends the rest of the letter abusing Apple. Hell, I agree with some of his points, but it's hardly a gracious apology. It's more like a nod followed by a spit in the eye.

In summary, he admits to doing what many people would call spreading FUD, which you'd think would be a pretty grevious sin by his moral standards and then just spends the bulk of the letter hurling abuse.

I'm almost morbidly interested in knowing what exactly his evidence is for this Windows backdoor (surely it can't be the NSA key controversy that was debunked by sensible people long ago)? I'm sure it's garbage, but I'm not sure I'd want an apology either if I was Microsoft or a devoted fan having read this.

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