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GNU, GPL, Open Source Well, this is refreshing. While Richard Stallman is a staunch critic of anything closed and non-Free, his ire seems mostly directed towards DRM and Microsoft. However, a lesser known fact is that he often talks about Apple's Mac OS X too in his speeches. During those speeches, he repeatedly claimed Mac OS X contained a backdoor which allowed Apple to forcibly impose software changes upon users. Stallman has now posted a retraction for those claims.
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by boldingd on Wed 30th Sep 2009 17:02 UTC in reply to "Comment by Sabon"
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Because you lack the technical skills to modify software does not mean that others lack the technical skills to modify (and improve) software.

You (probably) owe a lot to many open-source software projects -- projects that are themselves amalgamations of lots of individually small, possibly one-off contributions of many developers. Even if you do not use these projects personally, they are creating competitive markets and spurring innovation, a thing that you do benefit from. Had there been no FreeBSD, there would not be an OS X now; had there not been an OS X, we'd all still be using Windows XP, and there would be no Vista or Win7. Had there been no FireFox, we'd all still be using IE6, and the web would me much different. So just because you, personally, do not have the technical skills to easily mold Open Source programs into what you want them to be, do not assume that you're not any better off for those projects being out there, or for all the effort that other, technically skilled people have been putting into them.

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