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Internet & Networking After long negotiations and back and forths between the EU, Microsoft, and other browser makers, Microsoft's browser ballot proposal has been amended and offered up for debate yet again by the EU; this time around, it will actually be tested out by consumers. A number of changes have been made since the first proposal, so let's take a look.
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by sonic2000gr on Wed 7th Oct 2009 18:52 UTC
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Don't know about you people, but I actually find all this ballot story hilarious...
There's Microsoft trying to subtly make you select IE, there's the EU suspiciously looking at them, and there are the other browser makers constantly 'examining' the situation.
If this was an Agatha Christie book, I'd say the butler did it!

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RE: Hilarious
by tomi on Thu 8th Oct 2009 10:42 in reply to "Hilarious"
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just what I was thinking.. well maybe not the Agatha Christie part ;)

I think we now need the EU to regulate in what words the different browsers are allowed advertise themselves in the list..
For example, now IE and FF are both claiming to "make the web better". I'm confused.

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