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Morphos Not too long ago we published a review of AmigaOS 4.1, which made some readers argue we should take a look at MorphOS as well. However, nobody currently makes any MorphOS compatible hardware, so I had nowhere to go and beg. Luckily, OSNews reader AmigaRobbo generously offered to loan me his EFIKA machine, with MorphOS installed. I took a look at MorphOS, and found a very quick and efficient operating system - which was sadly held back by the limitations of the EFIKA.
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by poundsmack on Fri 9th Oct 2009 17:55 UTC
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Please port this to ARM so it has a fighting chance. I know x86 would be the easy way to get it to everyone, but ARM would be great due to MorphOS being such a light weight OS and many good arm devices comming out. Having it avalible for the PPC mac mini's isn't going ot help much in the long run. it might get it in the hands of more people for the time being, but those systems aren't being made anymore (and for some time), and it's just porting it from one aging platform to another.

I guess i can hope anyways.

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