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Intel "Imad Sousou is the director of Intel's Open Source Technology Centre, which is behind the Moblin project aimed at providing optimized Linux technology for netbooks and mobile Internet devices. ZDNet Asia's sister site ZDNet UK caught up with Sousou at the Open Source In Mobile 09 event in Amsterdam last month to discuss the nature of Moblin and the hardware on which it will run." The interview also covers Intel's views on the netbook and MID market, Windows 7, ARM as a competitor, and Google's Chrome OS and how Intel is working with Google.
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RE[2]: Yeah, right.
by WereCatf on Mon 12th Oct 2009 12:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Yeah, right."
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Interesting viewpoint, but he literally says "PC-compatible" etc. If he meant a general purpose personal computer with "PC" he wouldn't say "PC-compatible" as that'd be guaranteed; a personal computer is a personal computer, there is no standard to be compatible with.

Anyways, I do disagree with him. Sure, browsing the web nowadays requires a browser with Javascript, several kinds of plugins etc if you do anything more than just read text. And even if you did just read text you could still be required to have Javascript and Flash enabled (poor web page design, but it does happen).

Still, there is nothing platform-specific about HTML, Javascript etc, only the plugins themselves. That is a limitation caused by the plugin developers, not web itself, and it's a limitation easily overcome if any new platform suddenly gains enough audience.

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