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FreeBSD Not too long ago, Apple open sourced its Grand Central Dispatch library, which aids in developing multithreaded code. It was suggested that it could be ported to other platforms, and the FreeBSD team has done exactly that. They have also done a lot of work related to getting GCD to work in a POSIX environment.
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RE[2]: Neato
by MamiyaOtaru on Wed 14th Oct 2009 06:50 UTC in reply to "RE: Neato"
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"I'm a Linux user"

You mean you use GNU/Linux and the Linux kernel in some capacity.

Right, point out that the OS Linux users use is more than just Linux the kernel, it's Linux plus GNU tools (plus a load of other stuff that you seem to want to ignore). Par for the course from you, nothing unexpected. But then...

"Unlike Linux, which is just a kernel"

Crap, we need to tell everyone who is employed by GNU/Linux distribution and company and project to pack it in if they are not working on the kernel ...

when someone says the same thing (that Linux is just the kernel) you argue with him? WTF. Isn't that what you were just saying?

What a terrible post. FFS

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