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Original OSNews Interviews In the past, OSNews' interview volume was quite a bit higher than it has been lately. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Eugenia and her husband last week, and she mentioned that we haven't done as many interviews, and that in the past they were always very popular. So I decided that I'm going to make it a personal priority to publish more interviews. I'd like to crowdsource the idea, and ask the OSNews community who they'd like to see us interview. Please let us know in the comments of this story who you'd like us to talk to, and what specific questions you'd like us to ask. Shoot for the moon. It's not as hard to get an email-based interview as you might think. Obviously OS-world luminaries will always be a priority, but feel free to recommend people from the larger tech community, or even geek-oriented popular culture.
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Your post probably violates the OSNews terms of service.

Your actions and presence do ... I don't recall you being a moderator and having the right in your own word to insult , bash and attack other user here. YOU certainly have not earned that right.

(And reminds me a bit of the stunt that cost Maureen O'Gara her career.)

That's the kind of crazy stuff I refer too, you think of yourself as someone else and devilisize other and paint them in a false image ( me as only a GNU/Linux user ) ... Keep talking.

And I probably shouldn't even bother responding.

Your not responding to me ... Your making another of your poor victimized speech.

But... as has been pointed out by others, I include my name,

So your real name is sbergman27 ? Why should I trust you to complete a profile with your real name then ? And your other fake accounts that agree with you ...

But if you really want to know who I am, in the context of the topics relevant to this forum... read my posts. I make plenty of them.

No , I want your Real full name , not your fake identity here , I want your medical and mental history and the one of your entire familly and there name and adress too ( well your certainly allowed to lie about the one of others ).

I want the name of your current employer, I want the name of all your former employer, where you studied and what kindergarden you went to.

BTW, That's just the kind of insult you usally trow at others here that break the TOS ...

I do provide a full and real name : Moulinneuf is the name on my driving license , on my NAS on my voting card, on my gun license , on my birth certificate.

Is sbergman27 your's ? Why should I trust someone who disrespect is own name and familly ?

we do know you through your posts here.

Right, have you read my contribution too ?

What is the current OS, I am using right now ? Since you know me perfectly tru my post, that by your own admission you usually ignore ?

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Personally, I would rather read sbergman27's comments without knowing his identity than read the poorly presented, insulting and logically unsound drivel that you too frequently are inclined to drool forth onto the pages of this website.

I don't comment here often; I don't contribute articles. In fact, one of the few times that I felt compelled to comment was on an occasion that I disagreed with sbergman27. However, having had the opportunity to gauge the comments of both you and him, I would say that he must have to stoop rather low to reply to you.

Whatever issuing authority granted you a gun license should have their collective heads examined. Your apparent zealotry seems to seriously interfere with your ability to think rationally.

If you're not comfortable with aliases, then the internet is not the place for you. Considering that Steve gives his full name, and you do not, I am left wondering how many holes your glass house must have in it by now. You seem to throw a lot of stones.

A person's identity has no bearing on the legitimacy and correctness of comments they may make on the internet. Either they are right, they are wrong, or they have an opinion on a subjective matter that is neither right or wrong. Evaluating which of these is the case does not require an identity.

Quite frankly, I don't blame anyone that does not want to use their real identity on the internet. Any lunatic that can work a computer can access the internet, and some of these lunatics would gladly stalk or attack someone because of things that they have said. It has happened, and will happen again. Personally I'd rather not look over my shoulder every day wondering if I'm being pursued by some lowlife that disagrees with me.


You really should settle down. Life is too short to waste away on zealotry over an operating system. Give it a rest before you blow an O-ring. Enjoy yourself.

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