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SCO, Caldera, Unixware Darl McBride. It's the guy everybody hates. Well, he is no longer in charge of SCO, the UNIX vendor who relentlessly litigated against Linux vendors: he has been fired as part of the Chapter 11 restructuring plans for the company. Sadly, the litigation does not end with him, as SCO's new leadership has said in a statement they will continue the litigation.
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RE: Darl McBride
by sbergman27 on Tue 20th Oct 2009 14:17 UTC in reply to "Darl McBride"
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Karma has got into your way. Your own insecurity and debility/incompetence has killed you.

Hardly. Bruce Perens hit the nail on the head in a comment over at

"The news I'd like to hear is that he and Ralph Yarro (SCO owner) are investigated, tried, stripped of their wealth, and incarcerated. What you have heard today is that a guy rich from kiting SCO's stock doesn't have to work any longer."

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