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Amiga & AROS Yes, we are continuing our new-found fascination with the Amiga platform, by reporting to you straight from the floors of AmiWest and Pianeta Amiga. Chris Handley consolidated all the information from these two Amiga shows into one handy post, and the future of the AmigaOS looks bright indeed! Update: More planned features have emerged. Read on for the update.
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RE[2]: X86? Think about it!
by dmantione on Tue 27th Oct 2009 11:30 UTC in reply to "RE: X86? Think about it!"
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Then do what Apple did, make it work on a small number of fixed configuration systems and see if third parties come along and make unofficial ports to more generic x86 hardware.

As for drivers, many drivers for hardware are available under permissive licenses like BSD, reuse them, don't try reinventing the wheel.

Too simple thinking. "Certified" hardware only solves some of the problem, you still need to have for example an ACPI implementation, which took Linux many years for example.

I can think of better ways to keep a team of <20 programmers busy. Simply consider the Amiga an expensive computer. Compared to x86, terribly overpriced, but at about 500 euro's, it is affordable by mere mortals, in fact, this is about the money you paid for an Amiga 500 20 years ago.

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